Fundraising Appeal

Anti-Slavery Refugee Art Project 2018

Can you help?

I am crowdfunding to raise money for a participatory art project for refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants in Dover, in Kent (UK).

Read on to learn more or click here to make a donation. Thank you!

The story

I am fundraising to run a series of creative workshops in Dover for individuals supported by Migrant Help.

The men, women and children Migrant Help supports have all been through difficult and traumatic experiences and their struggles are ongoing.

There is currently no visual arts provision for the individuals Migrant Help supports in Dover. These men, women and children have all been through difficult and traumatic experiences and their struggles are ongoing. Creative expression can have a powerful impact on health and wellbeing. The project I aim to set up will take the form of a series of workshops culminating in the production of a collaborative artwork, which will be exhibited to a public audience.

What will the project be about?

The workshops will be a celebration of the uniqueness of self-identity. They will provide participants the opportunity to move beyond the labels of ‘asylum seeker, refugee and migrant’ to express who they are as individuals.

The workshops will be a rewarding and fun experience and they will help to build confidence and raise self-esteem. I hope that the process of making an artwork together will also generate a sense of belonging and make a positive difference to participants’ experience of life in the UK.

When will the project start?

I am hoping to launch the project on Wednesday 14th November 2018. The project will be run over 6 workshop sessions.

What is Migrant Help?

Migrant Help is a fantastic UK charity, which helps asylum seekers and refugees navigate the complex asylum process. Migrant Help also provides support and guidance to vulnerable migrants and assists victims of human trafficking and modern slavery on their path to recovery.

How will the funds raised be spent?

The funds raised will cover: the costs of running the workshops; purchasing all the art materials; producing the final artwork and installing the artwork in an exhibition.

 How you can help

 I need your help to make this project a success. Every penny donated will help me to get this project off the ground. Thank you so much for making a donation. Please spread the word!


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GoFundMe campaign

Anti-Slavery Day

Salvation Army


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